Sound effects the body and the mind

Music and sound have a unique effect on our brain, especially memory. Concerning branding, there might be no better way than using music and sound to help a customer to remember your brand promise.

Audio Branding aims at building a brand sound that represents the identity and values of a brand. The audio logo, branded functional sounds, brand music or the brand voice are characteristic elements of Audio Branding.


Getting started with audio branding


The audio branding starts with a detailed examination of the present: what does the brand currently sound like and how are the competitors doing? We will take the brand identity and values and start turning them into audio. It might also be relevant to take a look at possible consumer customer segments and target groups. The analysis phase plays a crucial role when determining the audio strategy.

AUDIO Strategy

The audio strategy focuses on the strategic benefits and possibilities of sound. The main point is to identify the key points interests where and how sound can be used strategically and setting action points towards the best results. Defining resources play a key role in getting to the most desired outcome.


Composed and produced music can be used for several purposes. A well-produced tune can be the brand’s theme song, or it can serve as background music on a brand video. Music can be used as a jingle on a radio or a TV ad. On the other hand, the psychological benefits of music are hardly ever recognised: music can make people feel or act in a certain way. Music can offer huge benefits when it’s purposely picked for example on a retail store or a customer waiting area. Certain music can also define culture, style, class, age, attitude and many other aspects of social life.

Music can be tailored for the brand's purposes or hand-picked from a music catalogue. Usually, a piece that’s composed and produced for a particular purpose works better and leaves a stronger mark.


The brand sounds can be used on several platforms. The audio logo is the most recognised form of brand sounds that should be stamped on every occasion the brand is present. But sounds can be used on other times as well, including product sounds, sounds on a mobile app or website or sounds on the retail stores. These all build the story of how does it feel to be connected with the brand.


The voice is the brand's most recognisable element; it also gives the brand a personality. In the traditional world, the voice is present on the brand's adverts or brand videos. In the future, it can be used on the brand's mobile apps or applications that include products that are connected to the customers smart home network.

Choosing the right voice for the purpose is a crucial factor; is it male or female, young or old, thick or light? The brand voice doesn't always have to be human.

Expensive examples from the biggest brands in the world

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