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This track became a combination of an evolving piano theme and epic trailer music. I did my best to match it with the Star Wars IX trailer.

I'm pretty happy how I got the symphony orchestra sounding despite the samples are 16-bit and 44100 hz: unfortunately the @EastWestSounds doesn't allow better quality on its Composer Cloud subscription.

I used a combination of pianos including the @spitfireaudio LABS (spectacular "soft piano") and the "Gentleman" by @nativeinstruments. Hope you like it.

#soundtrack #cinematic #epic

Maximum Velocity

This track was made to represent the maximum endurance of human performance.

As I'm a huge fan of the Bladerunner movies, I wanted to ad some 80s sci-fi flavours by using the Arturia’s CS-80 V and the U-he DIVA.

The orchestral parts were made by mixing several Libraries including the Spitfire Audio’s Albion III, the Orchestral Tools’ Ark4 and the EastWest Sounds Hollywood Orchestra. The constant drum is made with the 8dio Frame drum.

I used a lot of time with the EastWest Hollywood choirs: it was quite challenging to get the phrases right. The track was mixed and mastered by using the very impressive Slate Digital's analogue modeling.

#Soundtrack #Cinematic #Tension

Night Drone

This one is another tension que made as production music or just for fun.

I think I finally learned how to mix even slightly decently: it's not actually boosting that makes it louder, it's more space for dynamics. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

I used the Arturias sounds to make most of the synths. Otherwise, there's some Spitfire Audio and EastWest sample libraries involved.

#Trip-Hop #Dark #Downbeat

Nerve Drops

This track was inspired by 1990s Trip-Hop acts like Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky which, at the time, I spent a lot of time listening; this was the first time actually trying to copy them. Hope you like it.

#soundtrack #cinematic #tension

Cinematic Tension Ques

Small, short and cinematic tension ques that also worked as a great practice for complex dynamic structures. In this genre, IMHO, the most difficult element to achieve is minimalism, hence, how to keep it interesting and minimal at the same time?

#Ambient #Arctic #Dark

This collection of dark ambient and drones was inspired by some of the most rural and deserted places in the world. These atmospheric and distant voices will take your video production closer to a full cinematic experience backing up tense and emotional scenes.

Arctic Ambient and drones

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