Celestial Lightsabers - Spitfire Audio Labschoir Contest

I participated the Spitfire Audio’s Labschoir scoring contest. The idea was only to use their Labschoir virtual instrument.

Here’s a few comments about my entry:

Here's my short entry for the Spitfire Audios Eric Whitecare Labschoir competition. I just moved from Thailand to Finland, so this is the first track I did only by using headphones (Bose Quiet Comfort). That is not an excuse but more of an aspect that made working a lot more interesting. Anway ...

With my entry, I wanted to explore some new areas regarding altering a choir sound. My key inspiration was Eduard Artemyevs classic scores from the movies Stalker and Solaris. I wanted to try and create a sound of the golden space age. So I altered the sounds a bit, here's a short list of the main effects I used:

Sound Alteration and Design

Space Echo

Tape Emulation

LP & HP Filters


EQ Compression



I created the rhythmic elements by using LP & HP filters and the Space Echo's delay. Also, the low end was done my enchanhing the sub-bass by using the Logic Pro X stock SubBass effect. The eerie resonating sound was made with the Logic Pro X stock auto filter. Finally, I used the Logic Pro X Space Designer and the Eventide BlackHole to create a space-like atmosphere.

I must say I enjoyed playing with the LabsChoir, and I think it's a fantastic instrument!