Baher Sketches

Last summer I was working on tracks for the Baher of Finland documentary. It didn't come easy; I needed to combine immeasurable tragedy, middle-eastern sounds and gay culture. So I made some sketching, and one direction was this darkish electro sound that has some middle-eastern vibes in it.

During the process, I was mostly worried about cultural appropriation and authenticity of my music. Living in Thailand at the time, I even made a few field trips to Bangkok's Arab areas to get the right influences. In the end, I realised it was more about the feeling and the vibes of the film than being completely accurate on my oriental references.

These first sketches were too dark and robust for the documentary, but there are lots of ideas that made it to the soundtrack.

I need to confess this classic from Mr Bungle were one part of the influences I had: as well as Rinneradio's stuff from the 90s.