Custom Soundtracks | Film, TV and Game Music

Photo by  Kael Bloom

Photo by Kael Bloom

My primary professional focus is on customised soundtracks for TV, films and games. More than just a static catalogue product, I can provide a custom, tailor-scored piece, which fits and support the story, character, scene or place. 

Please take a listen for the examples below and contact me for an offer at arttu@arttusilvast.com or using the contact form. Thank you! 


My latest soundtrack was for a 17 episode TV series called BIG in Finland. It was released on TV and VoD late 2017 and early 2018 by The Finnish Broadcaster Yle

Arttu has extensive knowledge about music as well as understanding how a score can complement a story. Arttu is a unique composer who is open-minded and ready to experiment with new genres.
— Mika Niva, Director

Orchestral Score

Ambient and Drones

Working with Arttu was more than wonderful. As a composer and an arranger Arttu was able to shape his work very flexibly, even on the basis of small wishes so that it supported our TV series perfectly.
— Erno Kulmala, Producer

Live and feel good music

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Finalising Audio Products | Online Mixing and Mastering Service

photo by  Alexey Ruban

photo by Alexey Ruban

When working with audio and especially multitrack recorded music, it is very often you need another pair of ears to get the best results. Today more than ever, a good sounding track or an album is a matter of good, practiced ears and sofisticated taste; not so much about the gear. 

My audio finalising servises are provided in two categories, mixing and mastering, which are provided fully over the internet.  


Arttu mixed, mastered and helped produce our EP. He put way more effort and work hours in what you would expect in a project. He has a knack of seeing where we were going with our sound, but at the same time having the vision to bring a completely new view on how our songs could sound like.
— Henry Lehto, Previously True


It’s a pleasure to work with Arttu. He has a unique skillset in music, incuding composing, playing various instruments, singing, producing, mixing and mastering. He delivers with excellent quality and always stays on schedule
— Pekka Kantola, Independent artist

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Both my mixing and mastering services have a 100% Money-back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, I will refund your money, no questions asked.