Arttu quickly understands what a world of a documentary film is about and he can deliver variations of a score in a very tight schedule. It is easy to work with Arttu as he understands music’s role in a TV production: to be part of a whole and not an independent art piece.
— Tommi Hakko, Director
Arttu has a wide range of musical knowledge and working with him was all-around fantastic. Arttu is a creative musician who can combine different sounds and styles with an excellent taste.

— Pia Asikainen, Director
Arttu has an extensive knowledge about music as well as understanding how a score can complement a story. Arttu is a unique composer who is open-minded and ready to experiment with new genres.
— Mika Niva, Director
Working with Arttu was more than wonderful. As a composer and an arranger, Arttu was able to shape his work very flexibly, even on the basis of small wishes so that it supported our TV series perfectly.
— Erno Kulmala, Producer
Arttu has a knack of seeing where you’re going with your sound, but at the same time he has the vision to bring a completely new view on how your songs could sound like.
— Henry Lehto, Artist
It is a pleasure working with Arttu. He has a unique skillset in music including composing, playing various instruments, singing, producing, mixing and mastering. He delivers with excellent quality and always stays on schedule.
— Pekka Kantola, Artist